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Scott Singer

 I remember the look on a persons face when they finished their drink and there was a picture to see at the bottom of the glass.

The next job I had was at Modern Drug Store on 41st, I would stock shelves, sweep, organize the shelves and got to work with the pharmacist counting pills to go into jars.

The next job was at Phil & Ray's Deli also on 41st I liked to learn and try new things, so I did. I learned to make sandwiches, cream cheese with veggies & cream cheese with nova. The guy that taught me all this was Izzy he was a great deli man. He taught me to cut nova and lox and all about the behind the counter things to know. Part of the deal to take the job was unlimited pickles. How I got the job is I would go in and buy a pickle every morning before school which was just a few short blocks away. Izzy said if you love pickles so much and corned beef you should work at the deli, so I did.

The next job was on weekends I would go to Sunrise, FL to a new development as it was being developed and work with the owner helping to keep the project moving. We would work with the foreman and just a few guys to review the plans and check measurements of the foundation before any walls were built. I also would clean up the site using a bucket tractor to load the debris into the bucket and dumping it into the large containers. I would stack wood so it was ready for Monday and just help out. I loved this work because I was to young to have a drivers license and he would let me drive the tractor and his car on the property which was rather large. 

Next job was over a summer where I soldered circuit boards for metal detectors but I had to  pass a  government background check. I remember my eyes would hurt from the smoke fumes.

The next job was a cabinet shop for a contractor Stanly Seiden I was hired as a cabinet finisher, my job was to take the assembled cabinet boxes and fill the staple, nail holes and edges of the particle board so they could be primed by me. I then had to lightly re-sand them and get them ready for final paint which I helped the existing painter do. One day during lunch I asked the foreman could I cut out this next cabinet and he said yes, so I cut it out and assembled it. He liked what I had done so much he said I could help cut and build the cabinets too! For me this was great because I had lots of talent just waiting for the right job. About a week or two later the owner Stanly asked the foreman why the cabinets look better and he didn't know what to say so he said they are the same as they have always been. He said no something is different. So he sat across the street with binoculars and watched the shop for a few days and  saw me cutting the cabinets out, he came into the shop and said you have to stop right now! I said why he said his insurance does not cover anyone under 18 or 21 I don't remember which and if I got hurt he could loose his business. So I had to go back to finishing again. A few weeks went by and he called me and the foreman into the office and said when I am not here Scott can build cabinets but I have no knowledge of this. I asked the foreman why he is letting me and he said the production has gone up and he was making more money.

When I turned 16 I started a business called Scott Installations. With this business I would drive to a customers house and install a car stereo, amp , EQ and speakers right in their driveway. In those days they were not plug and play. It took some doing to get it all working together but the end resaults where fantastic. You could here the stereo with the windows and doors closed from 15' away.

As I got older I changed the business to Scott Singer Installations, Inc. With this new company I would build custom cabinets and install them without filler moldings and extra trim, they were made to fit whatever the twist and bends in the wall. I was also a interior designer/ contractor who was a hands on builder. I would design the project and then starting in 1982 put the floor plan on Design Cad 2D software which I used for many years and still can use it to this day for a 2D plan. I did add Chief Architect in 1999 when I designed my house in Steamboat Springs, CO which I built in 2000. A link to the exterior and interior video's will be on this site in my Vimeo link on the main page. I also started using Adobe photo editing software (Photoshop) in or around 1982.

I have designed and re-designed many jobos over the years and hope to place what I can find on this site so people can see some of the work from the past. I have had the opportunity to build for the nicest people who wanted the coolest things. To Be Cont: